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Bob Stevens

A writer of no particular note. 

If you like anything of mine on this site, you're free to use it any way you wish with minimal to no interference from me so long as you: 1) Ask me 2) Give me credit where appropriate 3) Don't use it to make money in any capacity. If any money is made from it, we'll need to work something out financially. On those same grounds, if you want to take anything I've written and rewrite it/make it your own and publish it publicly in some way, including on this site, feel free to do so as long as you follow the same 3 points indicated above.

And if you like any of my scripts, don't forget to hit "love" on them. Thanks!


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Scripts By Bob

Stolen Sun
A troubled man searching for the one he lost discovers some things are better left unfound.
Short Drama, Romance, Thriller Available for Free 15pp
A sheriff is confronted by his past as the world around him succumbs to a supernatural apocalypse.
Short Drama, Horror Available for Free 9pp
A catering company works a dinner for a group with a sinister agenda. A short play.
Short Comedy, Horror Available for Free 10pp
The Carnation
A bartender is confronted by a mysterious stranger who believes the man to be the reincarnation of a deity.
Short Mystery, Thriller Available for Free 29pp
A radio DJ and his celebrity guest are tormented by a crazed fan live on the air. A short sample snippet of a spec script.
Short Horror, Thriller Example of work only 5pp