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Brandon G
Atlanta, United States

Born into the film industry I was lucky enough to have a foot in the door through my father who would bring the script for his current project home and I found myself more interested in that than anything else. I would not only read but study these scripts watching my favorite movies and reading along to teach myself how to write.

One of the first scripts I read was "Proof of Life" and it was so insipiring to me I went on to read "Southland Tales" then discovered "iMSDB" where I was able to study great films like "Brick" and "From Dusk Til' Dawn" (my favorite script to this day, and my discoverey of Quentin Tarantino).

Today, I currently work in the locations department for films and continue to write and read as much as possible, I never had the confidence to share any of my writing or stories until recently so I hope the people on here will enjoy them as much me.




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I s o l a t i o n
An agoraphobic woman's solitary life is disrupted when a masked stranger demands her to open the door.
Short Thriller For sale 11pp
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