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Since the 3rd grade, when I wrote comics with my friends and shared them with my classmates, people have always told me that I have a natural gift of storytelling. I've always been a pretty shy and reserved guy on the outside, but my mind is constantly brimming with ideas, stories, characters, and witty remarks. Writing has always been my catalyst to express that side of myself.
I'm 24 years old now and looking to turn my hobby into my career. After working more nine to five's than I can count, I've come to realize that not everyone is cut out for a regular old day job, and more importantly, not everyone is lucky enough to be gifted with the creative ability to move people with words. I count myself as one of those lucky few, and I'm very excited to share some of my work her on Script Revolution. Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated as I continue my journey to becoming a professional writer one day.



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Justice Table-The Green Arrow
A young Oliver Queen enforces his father's list of rules at a birthday party in the park.
Web Series Pilot Action, Adventure, Comedy, Family For sale 6pp
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