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Brendan Aureli
Boston, United States

Student from Massachusetts who has a lot of ideas to pour out. Used to want to write for video games, but I hated coding, so I got into film, and I've never been so certain of my purpose in life since. I write nearly any genre from superhero fantasy to horror to drama, but the theme that gives the wide range of ideas I have an umbrella to stand under is friendship through mortality. I want my films to allow people to confront what makes them weak while, in the end, showing them that what makes them strong is their strongest connections they have with people. That’s why we’re on Earth, after all, in my beliefs, is to make connections, and help other people, especially the friends and family that we love. 


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Scripts By Brendan

Fall River, Mass.
A crew of young filmmakers travel to Fall River, Massachusetts to film a horror movie inside the Lizzie Borden house, and live through a horror of their own.
Feature Horror For sale 84pp
Close Your Eyes Tight
Two college students home for the summer find their break-up eclipsed by a tragedy that affects both of their families.
Feature Drama For sale 97pp