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Brendan Beachman
Santa Monica, United States

Brendan is a Colorado native, but has called Los Angeles home since 2009. He pays the bills as a commercial director specializing in performance heavy, cinematic and stylized comedy, dark comedy and horror. However, his true passion is narrative, so he also shoots award winning short films as often as possible, and is currently pitching several feature screenplays that he also plans on directing.  Brendan currently lives in Santa Monica with his 8 month old son Finn, his beautiful wife Angelyn, and his hyperactive cattle-dog, Sage.

When he's not writing and/or directing, can be found beating the drums or scrambling around the mountains and deserts of California.

Co-writer Justin Boyes was born and raised on a farm in rural Montana. He currently lives in Seattle with his family and travels the world producing corporate documentaries for major tech companies like Microsoft and Facebook. While he enjoys his day job, his true passion lies in screenwriting.

Justin and Brendan quickly learned that they made a great creative team after meeting in film school and have been writing together for over a decade. “The Lookout” is their second feature screenplay collaboration but it is certainly not the last. They are united in their love for the characters and story and are determined to see the film into fruition.

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Scripts By Brendan

The Lookout
Clare escapes modern life and a world in turmoil by taking her dream job as a fire lookout...but she quickly finds she's not alone, & the Ones watching have BIG plans for her.
Feature Adventure, Horror, Thriller For sale 115pp