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Brent Rouleau
Ottawa, Canada

Here to rep the nation's capitol: Ottawa. I'm an acting teacher, published poet and short story writer who made the switch to screenplays in recent years. I've been a theatre director/actor/designer since sometime in the last century. My passion project is to bring the true story of a Canadian hero named Yvon Durelle (DOUX, Quarter-Finalist in Screencraft True Story), a boxer who fought the great champion Archie Moore in 1958 for the World Light-Heavyweight title, to the screen. Since we're Canadian, we don't usually celebrate our heroes with the passion they have inspired in us. We have to change that. This is the perfect time for us to remember Durelle's remarkable life and career. Just a Canadian "Rocky"? No, "Rocky" was Hollywood... Durelle's story is not only reality, it's an unflinching look into the heart and soul of a real man and the nation he brought to its feet one snowy night in December of 1958.

Other things you may find to read here:

THE BOOKSTORE (horror short), Winner of BEST SHORT SCRIPT at the Independent Horror Movie Awards competition.  

TALONS, a mystery/thriller adaptation of a novel (same name), scored TOP 6% in Coverfly all-time Thriller genre.

THE SUN DOES NOT MOVE (horror short, QF at Vancouver Bad Ass FF, Official Selection at Cleveland Horror FF, Independent Horror Movie Awards FF, Toronto Indie Shorts FF)

A TV pilot called ONE YEAR (Quarter-Finalist, Screencraft) as well as the entire first season (9 episodes). I know, I know, they say don't write the whole season but I had the stories in my head and no other writing in progress at the time so I did it anyway.

I have a second TV Pilot called BEES-HIVE (also a Quarter-Finalist, Screencraft).

Being Canadian, I'm obviously a big hockey fan, though I cheer for one of those teams who mostly just provide deep, soul-searching disappointment every year. Oh, and of course I listen to RUSH!  I hope to connect with the screenwriterverse out here to share, learn, encourage and support. 

I hope you reach out, connect... we can exchange reads, give notes/support or just make a nice new friendship.


Coverfly All-time Overall Top 35% for
Doux: The Yvon Durelle Story
Coverfly All-time Overall Top 10% for
Coverfly All-time Overall Top 25% for
One Year

Scripts By Brent

To seek justice for soldiers murdered in bio-weapons experiments, a former big-city detective and a rookie FBI profiler put their lives on the line to expose the powerful government architects of the clandestine project.
Feature Action, Crime, Mystery For sale 111pp
Coverfly All-time Overall Top 10%
2 readers love this script
One Year
A former soldier who loses his struggle to keep his job and family decides he has nothing left to live for when takes nine people hostage in their small-town diner.
TV Pilot Action, Crime, Drama For sale 63pp
Coverfly All-time Overall Top 25%
2 readers love this script
Doux: The Yvon Durelle Story
The true story of an impoverished fisherman who battles through the crooked boxing world of the 1950’s, family tragedy and his own inner demons to earn a title fight against legendary champion Archie Moore.
Feature Biography, Sport For sale 112pp
Coverfly All-time Overall Top 35%
1 reader loves this script
The Sun Does Not Move
An ambitious Renaissance expert’s controversial book tour turns life-threatening when he is kidnapped by ancient extra-terrestrials and forced to undergo a harrowing test to authenticate a genealogical connection to Leonardo da Vinci.
Short Horror, Sci-Fi Available for Free 22pp
1 reader loves this script
The Bookstore
When the lonely owner of an enchanted bookstore falls in love with a flaky customer, he risks his life by transporting into dangerous situations in the pages of several popular books to reinvent his personality.
Short Horror, Sci-Fi Available for Free 22pp
1 reader loves this script