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Brett Osaka
Seattle, United States

That's it, I think I've done it -- I believe I have written the next "best picture" winner at the Academy Awards. It titled: Tom Besos -- check it out.

Hello, I'm a retired professional Supercross racer, and I've been having fun since 1989. I've been screenwriting for sometime now, I really enjoy happy life stories that span a long range of time.

I specialize in heart warming movies, with a lot of voice over.


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Scripts By Brett

Tom Besos
In the 1970s, a half-wit motocross champion navigates the highs and lows, as he goes from winning medals in Vietnam to the new sport of Supercross, proving doubters wrong.
Feature Adventure, Biography, Family, Sport, War For sale 116pp
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Tom Besos narrates 8 sequences of his life, he starts with his last amateur motocross race, he takes us the Superbowl of Motocross, to his wedding reception, to Viet Nam, around Washington D.C., and etc
Feature Sport For sale 132pp