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Brian J. Libby
Boston, United States

Originally from Maine, I am a biotech patent attorney who enjoys writing fiction.  After years of wanting to write a novel, I completed my first one in 2016, and then wrote two others in the ensuing three years. After finishing my third novel, I had a story idea that I thought would translate better as a screenplay than as a novel, and as such, I drafted a feature drama, Sketcher. I have also completed a one-hour dramedy teleplay pilot, and I am currently working on a comedy feature screenplay.

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Scripts By Brian J.

L.A. Lockdown
Random misfits, including an agoraphobic, are forced to live together in a posh resort, where they support each other... and get under each other's skin.
TV Pilot Comedy, Drama For sale 70pp
1 reader loves this script
In a small town, tormented citizens carry out an elaborate revenge scheme while officials hunt for a plane crash survivor who doesn’t want to be found.
Feature Drama For sale 111pp
1 reader loves this script