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Bryson J. Hollis Freedom

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Bryson J. Hollis Freedom
Peoria, United States

I love to write stories that consern me as a human, I started writing when, I was a teenager creating short stories about monsters and criminals. When I was in my early twenties, I got into film and writing scripts my first few scripts ware bad. But I still had the drive to want to keep working on it and getting better at my craft. My favorite film makers are John Singleton and George A. Romero I take influcence form those two mostly. One day I hope to bring most of the scripts to life on the big screen or small screen it does not matter to me. I just want to get them out there for people to see what's on my mind. I am a kind and open minded person who just wants to make a change in film this is my main love and passion in life. I just need to get the money to go to a film school I been eyeing for a few years but unitl then I can put some of my life's work on the site for the world to view and let me know what they think who knows maybe I'll even get to sell one of my stories to a producer anything's possible. 


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