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C. Caruso
Fairfield, United States

I always believed that storytelling is something the world cannot live without. People are looking for unique ways to spread their vision across the world. I hope to give meaning to my writing as well as give my scripts a life of their own.

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Scripts By C.

Many dark secrets loom over the heads of Carter West and his broken family. After becoming obsessed with an abandoned mental asylum, Carter tries to uncover the mystery that lies deep in the hospital.
Feature Fantasy, Horror Available for Free 24pp
3 readers love this script
The Spider: The Lost Night
Since the defeat of The Spider, Carrie Woods and her family have struggled with paranoia and a lust for answers since that fateful night.
Feature Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Thriller Available for Free 98pp
2 readers love this script
The mysterious monster hunter known as Samara takes a dangerous mission to assassinate the leader of a cult of monsters known as The Umbra.
Short Action, Fantasy, Horror, Thriller In development 28pp
1 reader loves this script