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C. Guinosta
Las Vegas, United States

I'm an Actor/Writer looking to connect with filmmakers worldwide. I have a lot of screenplays written that are looking to get sold and produced. The usual genres I like to write in are horror, comedy, drama and some action. 

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Scripts By C.

Residential Evil
A married couple moves into a house that has an evil past.
Feature Horror For sale 76pp
1 reader loves this script
Creatures in the Neighborhood
Something is possessing the kids in the neighborhood and it's up to a group of friends to put a stop to it.
Feature Action, Adventure, Family, Horror For sale 82pp
1 reader loves this script
The Creation
After a Scientist finds out that his daughter is dying, he tries to test bringing the dead back to life which turns into a disaster when the wrong corpse is tested.
Feature Horror For sale 80pp
Trouble Maker
A little girl finds out that she's getting a Nanny and will do everything she can to get rid of her.
Feature Animation, Comedy, Family For sale 82pp
A group of neighborhood kids try to save their neighborhood from monsters.
Web Series Pilot Adventure, Family, Horror For sale 30pp
Weird Love
Two female friends decide to create the perfect boyfriend by computer with the help of a computer geek.
Feature Comedy, Romance, Sci-Fi For sale 80pp
Little Star
A young black girl deals with being adopted by a new family.
Short Comedy, Drama For sale 16pp
Life in the Ghetto
A group of young men try to survive life in their gang and drug infested neighborhood.
Feature Drama For sale 72pp
The Adventures of Maggie Coswell
A young girl deals with trying to be a popular kid while dealing with bullies at the same time.
Short Comedy, Drama For sale 20pp