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C. Rob Dunphy

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C. Rob Dunphy
Los Angeles, United States

Rob is an emerging independant screenwriter specializing in the feature thrillers. Rob writes contemporary, high concept stories, often crafted around strong individuals in law enforcement or the military with pragmatic mindset, compelled to diverge from their comfort zone and ethos. Driven by experience obtained as a former U.S. Marine and a federal agent, conflicts are driven as characters react to real-world recognizable events, typically inclusive of PG-13 level violence and language. Rob lives in Los Angeles you may find him at work with a cup of coffee at Urth Cafe. 


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Scripts By C. Rob

West Coast Over Achiever
In the midst of a doomed government double-blind placebo study, a small-town delusional Veteran’s hallucinations incite him to exterminate local drug dealers to protect his family. In the vein of Falling Down.
Feature Action, Thriller For sale 89pp
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A TED-Talks addicted drug lord must escape the wrath of an overdosed girl’s specter.
Feature Thriller For sale 90pp
K Heart K
Torn between a reviled hometown and remarkable terrorist-hunting campaigns, an impassioned soldier must defend himself from an ex-girlfriend turned psycho-stalker bent on his ruin.
Feature Thriller, War For sale 100pp
ZOMBIE, CA. the prequel
The government genetically engineered a contagious mutant strain of radiological empowered, mind paralyzing rabies, stored in a super-secret California lab, until a father and son adventure goes awry.
Feature Horror, Thriller For sale 92pp
No Fly Zone
Brazen San Diego airport coworkers slip into easy money trafficking narcotics for their gritty former football coach until a string of Fentanyl tainted drug overdoses leaves them desperately seeking an exit.
Feature Crime, Drama For sale 120pp
Megan's List
A promising FBI agent risks everything when he murders the sexual predator who molested his daughter and now he must outsmart a team of investigators in pursuit of a serial killer invented as his alibi.
Feature Crime, Film-Noir For sale 120pp
The Naughty List
A skeptical detective hunts for the mythical kidnapper targeting naughty children.
Feature Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller For sale 95pp