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Been in the entertainment business for over 24 years now as an Actor/Writer. I have around 30 completed screenplays but only shopping 7 to 10 of them right now. Genres preferred are horror, comedy, action and drama.


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Several people are held hostage inside the basement of a Masked Killer's home only to be tortured and killed off one by one.
Feature Horror For sale 80pp
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The Creation
After a Scientist finds out that his daughter is dying, he tries to test bringing the dead back to life which turns into a disaster when the wrong corpse is tested.
Feature Horror For sale 81pp
Four Church members tell their Testimonies during a Sunday Church service on what they went through in their life and how they became close to God.
Feature Drama For sale 82pp
Four Employees get revenge on their Boss for firing them by taking the Boss and his family hostage inside of his own home.
Feature Action, Drama For sale 93pp
A young man becomes possessed by the Devil after playing with a Ouija board.
Feature Horror For sale 85pp
A young woman locks six guys in a room, forcing them to play a deadly sick and twisted game.
Feature Horror, Thriller For sale 81pp
A young Mexican Kid goes to live with his best friend, a Black Kid after his mother is deported back to Mexico by ICE Agents. Together, the friends grow up experiencing gangs and violence.
Feature Action, Drama For sale 116pp
I have an urban HORROR/THRILLER about a Family Man who kidnaps Criminals and tortures them in various ways. Described as “Boyz N The Hood” meets “SAW”.
Feature Horror, Thriller For sale 81pp
Rich and Poor
A struggling Screenwriter has been in a relationship with his millionaire girlfriend for 3 years. But the conflicts between both of their families seems to try and get in the way of their relationship.
Feature Comedy, Romance For sale 80pp
Love and Therapy
A womanizing Therapist wonders if he can leave his womanizing ways behind once he meets and falls in love with a Single Mother.
Feature Comedy, Romance For sale 80pp
Deadly Admirer
After the death of her roommate, an up and coming Female Pop Star finds out that her new roommate is actually an obsessed fan with a dark secret.
Feature Thriller For sale 91pp