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Caity FitzGerald
Camarillo, United States

I am interested in writing stories for women, people of color, people with special needs, and to spread awareness and compassion about the human condition in all forms. I just finished The Rise in November 2020. I'm developing a second pilot and am currently writing two feature scripts. I am always happy to meet other writers, actors, and filmmakers who are willing to geek out about story, craft, and anything on screen. I'm open to collaborations, especially for short form content. I am passionate about all things film and began screenwriting to make my own way into the industry. I've studied film and writing at Arizona State University.

Scripts By Caity

The Rise
In a Romanesque, matriarchal society, the powerful and the powerless alike will struggle for their chance to change their fate.
TV Pilot Fantasy For sale 47pp
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