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Calum Syers
Canterbury, United Kingdom

Calum Syers is an aspiring writer who is based in Canterbury, England. Thank you for checking out my bio. My interest in film and television writing began when I saw Robocop on TV when I was far too young and continued to me getting my masters in Film Studies and Screenwriting. If you have checked out my work, please feel free to give me any feedback; it's appreciated and encouraged. 

Thank you and happy writing.

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Scripts By Calum

After witnessing his girlfriend’s murder, David Teasdale, a cynical English cop discovers he can talk to ghosts. He adopts this ability to help solve murders across Washington D.C.
TV Pilot Crime, Horror For sale 65pp
6 readers love this script
Barry Was Alone
A man is cursed by a mental illness that causes him to narrate every moment of his life in third person.
Short Comedy For sale 5pp
5 readers love this script
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My Cosmic Nation
An alien grows up on earth to be a nerdy teenager in a Middle-of-Nowhere town where she struggles to maintain her identity and navigate high school.
TV Pilot Comedy, Sci-Fi For sale 31pp
1 reader loves this script