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Edmonton, Canada


My name is Calvin Brown.  From Alberta, Canada. I have been an avid writer going on ten years, working and harnessing the craft , with the help of great mentors , both here and abroad.  I have many great ideas,. I love coming up with stories, that push society to think, through fiction.

This will be an attempt to get my works known and shared by many who feel the cultural and economic shift from before and yesterday.

I come from a multicultural society that still needs guidance, it's never been easy, but hard work pays off in the end. It opens doors that need to be opened and closes doors that need to be closed.

I hope you enjoy my first attempt in the industry of script writing.



Calvin Brown

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Scripts By Calvin

Wolf Bane
Upon venturing to a remote cabin on a hunting trip, a group of business find themselves pursued by a native of the land who maintains the ability to transform into a threatening half-man half-wolf creature.
Feature Thriller For sale 120pp
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