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Cam Gray
London, United Kingdom

Surreal comedies are my release, but everyone else seems to like my dramas so I've put them up here for the sensible readers...

Recently graduated from the London Film School and I'm now attempting to get some of these wonderful pieces of work out there into the real world. If you're keen on any of them, or actually have comments and thoughts (they're genuinely always welcome), let me know.

Current masterpieces include a drama that stars a peacock and a single mother, a short about the apocalypse that stars a talking blue dot, and a shortish pilot about politics that I'm quite proud of.

Director and co creator of the Ian's Gone Postal podcast -

Director and co producer/creator of The Devolution of the Species podcast -

Director and producer of the Really Important Person Book Club podcast, starring Donald Trump (sort of) -

I have also researched/written for The Dollop podcast on the All Things Comedy Network about Charles Darwin and the second voyage of the HMS Beagle -

Random Instagram account @iwriteimages

Twitter @PenguinFeral

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