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Cameron Austin
Chicago, United States

"If you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life." I can't recall where I heard this quote, but it is what made me want to become a screenwriter. I asked myself, "What do I love?" The answer(s): Telling stories and movies. I've watched movies since I was little (most of which were more mature than my age). I love going to movie theaters to this day. I loved renting movies from Hollywood Video and Blockbuster before they shut down. I have a bookshelf of DVDs. Being a screenwriter seems like the right fit.

I started writing scripts when I was twelve or thirteen. I used Microsoft Word and saved them on a flashdrive. There was a malfunction between the drive and my laptop that resulted in all of my work being deleted. Nothing was completed and I had gone as far as I thought I could with them, so it was not that big of a loss. While in community college, I occasionally wrote scripts for school projects. After a failed attempt at a different work field, a depressive episode, and going through writers block, I've rededicated myself to writing. I don't write everyday, but I'm committed.

I now use Celtx as my writing software. I watch movies and read scripts for inspiration and notes. I have two books on how to write scripts. I write Hollywood type features (originals, remakes, adaptations), but my main focus is to make a self financed low budget film as a platform into bigger things. By the end of my career, I want to have won an award for my work.

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