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Cannon Rosenau

I am an American screenwriter and playwright. Writing makes the voices live on the paper, not in my head.

I have 4 kids, 4 dogs and 1 (wonderful) husband here in North Idaho, USA. 

Compendium Member of the Northwest Screenwriter's Guild

*Please also see IMDB, Coverfly and my agent's page for additional projects completed or in the works. Happy to add any/all here if requested. 

Scripts By Cannon

Land of Misfit Boys
A free-spirited director of a wayward boys' home must work with a total Grinch in order to save the home.
Feature Family For sale 91pp
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Crazy Athol
After a big time wrestler witnesses his coach’s shooting, a pint-sized detective with a huge ego must pose as his wife under witness protection in Athol, Idaho until they can catch the hit-woman's boss.
Feature Comedy, Romance For sale 97pp
1 reader loves this script
IRS agent, Filbert, shows up to audit a bikini coffee stand.
Short Comedy Available for Free 4pp
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What's Your Sign
A girl takes a guy on an unconventional date to tell the stories behind cardboard signs and the homeless who hold them.
Short Drama Available for Free 10pp
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Stuck in Funk
Downsized and dumped, Seattle high school teacher Claudia is forced to move back home to Funk, Idaho and take a job as a hokey psychic at the fair. Think Napoleon Dynamite meets The Greatest Showman
Feature Comedy, Family, Romance Under Option 109pp
1 reader loves this script
The Job
A young man heeds his mom's advice in choosing a career that he loves, but must prove the career worthy to his dad.
Short Comedy, Drama For sale 12pp
Christmas in Distress
A driven single mom who loves Christmas gets paired with a Scroogey slacker on a college Sociology project about the Human Comfort Zone - something they'll explore first-hand.
Feature Romance For sale 93pp
When a straight-laced bachelor finally meets his Miss Right, his screwball best friend ruins her chance at adopting her foster son and their chance at true love.
Feature Comedy For sale 94pp
Jury Beauty
Elle has tried (and failed) all of the dating schemes, everything except for a little magic and jury duty.
Short Fantasy, Romance Available for Free 20pp
The two spinsters in question are about as similar as Satan and Santa Claus. Pilot: Tess's hopeless college crush moves back to town, only to be whisked away and tainted by Marta.
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 46pp