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Carl Haupt
Montclair, United States

I've been serious about the craft of Hollywood script writing since high school.  I loved movies, and so much so I thought I could write them.  I found out that there is so much that goes into writing a script, and if you want people to read it, let alone watch it on screen, you've got to know the rules.


It was great, learning the rules, writing script after script, learning by doing.  Writers, write, so that's what I did.  I love writing a script because it's like you are writing a riddle that you are solving at the same time.  That’s fun!


I got my comedic chops on Cable Access TV.  In the eighties in high school the show was "The Bunny Hutch" (Storer Cable/Mercer county New Jersey).  In the nineties in college the show was "Fish Burgers" (Cablevision/ Essex county New Jersey).  Today, I'm in the Standup Comedy game as a regular in rotation at Scotty's Pub and Comedy Cove in Springfield New Jersey.  Today, I'm part of a movie Podcast "Let's Watch a Full Length Movie on YouTube" that's all about movies.  My part is to do the research on the film and let what's interesting be known as we watch and riff together. 


But I never stopped writing.  How could I?  Writers, write, and I can't help but do it.  I have my own personal beat sheet that fuels each idea and allows me to get draft after draft onto the page. 


I am only uploading what truly works and fits the mold of the Hollywood screenplay, but also, only what I'm proud of.  I hope to connect with many of you soon.

Scripts By Carl

The Baptist Civil War
What if a Fire and Brimstone, Southern Baptist preacher had to preach in front of an Uptight, White, Northern Baptist congregation? Can he still save souls, or will he be run out of town?
Feature Comedy For sale 120pp
The human body is 60% water. What if we upped that to 100%?
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 60pp
Life’s Laugh Lessons
This is a show about when you take a standup comedy class ...and life happens.
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 201pp
Pop Goes the Bubble
We live in our own bubble, seeing the world with a lens of pre-conceived notions. When Chaz's bubble popped, he did not like what he saw and he set out to do something about it.
Feature Comedy For sale 123pp
What Exit?
When the man who invented New Jersey's worst catch phrase ever, "What Exit?" actually became the governor, he had to be stopped!
Feature Comedy For sale 133pp
All I want for Christmas is Chanukah
What if Santa had a crisis of conscience and realized he just had to deliver presents to all the little Jewish boys and girls too, or he's discriminating?
Feature Comedy, Family For sale 115pp