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Kitchener, Canada

I'm a former serving soldier and police officer. I've also worked around the globe as a security consultant. It's fair to say I've had my fair share of adventures and if I'm honest, probably more misadventures. I grew up on a diet of Hammer House of Horror and the Twilight Zone thanks to my grandmother. Of course these early experiences combined with my working life provide the basis for my scripts and short stories that I write in predominantly the supernatural/horror/strange tales areas.

When I arrived in Canada I attended the sadly now defunct Canadian Screen Training Centre in Ottawa. They gave me a big push in terms of writing and contacts with the courses I attended. Thanks to those individuals I've had three option agreements to date and I've had development funds awarded from the Harold Greenberg Fund at Astral Media for one of my feature scripts. I've also had three supernatural short stories published.

I write because I can't imagine not writing........and also because it's cheaper than therapy.


Scripts By CARL

The Divine Mordiford County S.W.A.T. Team
A beleaguered second rate SWAT team accept a final mission and find themselves facing overwhelming supernatural forces.
Feature Adventure, Fantasy, Horror, Thriller For sale 102pp
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The Attic
Kidnapped and imprisoned, a young boy attempts to instill discipline and a sense of routine among a group of fellow abductee children, all the while keeping them safe from the attentions of the Man.
Feature Drama, Horror For sale 90pp