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Carmen Boykin
Kannapolis, United States

I write innovative and iconic scripts. Writing is a visionary process, it has a magic that empowers the soul. The revelation of this magic assists me in writing unique screenplays. I've written several scripts, and currently writing a graphic novel based on one of my scripts, recommended by a producer. I've received coverage from a couple of producers and script consultants with 'consider' and 'recommend' ratings.

Linda Seger - Hollywood Script doctor and William M. Akers - a screenwriter/ director, have been my early and memorable script consultants. Script consultants are your mastermind support system.

Alien Prophecy received a 'Consider' in the AAA Screen Writing Contest, placing in the top 100 out of 1400 scripts.

My Talent resume includes background acting in some independent films, commercials, training videos, and print ads. Having the experience of being in front of the camera and behind the camera helps me see how screenplays come to life.



Scripts By Carmen

Alien Prophecy
In a not-so-distant future, a reptilian faction has taken over earth, and only one woman can save the future of the human race.
Feature Fantasy, Horror, Sci-Fi For sale 113pp
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Becoming Immortal
A magical manuscript holds the key to power, as forces battle to retrieve it.
Feature Fantasy, Sci-Fi For sale 113pp
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