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Carol Frome is a poet and screenwriter. Her poetry has appeared in many literary magazines, and her book, Lives & Mortalities, is available for sale. She taught college writing courses at Purdue University, SUNY-Plattsburgh, and at Clinton Correctional Facility, a maximum security prison in Dannemora NY.  She's also been a private tutor, a real estate broker, a Tupperware lady, and a farm wife. To supplement the household cash flow, for a while, she wrote content articles--until out of the blue one day, she looked at her husband and said, I am not writing anymore crap. That's when she started writing screenplays.

She currently has three screenplays to offer: 

A thriller, Untie Me, with a strong female Latina lead who turns the tables on the victimizer, her white, serial killer father. The story also has a subtle theme concerning marginalized people in America.

Knot Theory, a drama about a young man who, in a fit of anger, accidentally killed his mother when he was a young teenager. He is deeply ashamed and reclusive. He gets into fistfights on the street, but insists he is happy working at Zelly's Deli--until more tragedy forces him to rethink his goal. The story has an uplifting ending. Good dialogue. Great roles for actors. Along the vein of Good Will Hunting.

Neely Saves the Gnomes has a strong female lead with a pesky one-armed little brother. A tumbling family film about 12-year-old Neely who with her brother is captured by friendly gnomes; they need Neely to gather her courage to save them from the menace: frustrated, bumbling, stomping Dozer, the last full-blooded living troll. Suitable for animation or live acting with animation. The end points toward a sequel.

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Scripts By Carol

Untie Me
When a 17-year old finds murder evidence in her attic, she slowly realizes her father's a killer. To live, she must face an unspeakable moment--kill or be killed.
Feature Thriller For sale 96pp
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Knot Theory
After accidentally killing his mother, Lucas fights in the street, but not through his shame; he digs a dead-end at Zelly's Deli and avoids people--until new tragedy aims him toward paralyzing change--or homelessness.
Feature Drama For sale 100pp