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Caroline Rovello

Bona-fide First-generation University/Professional Degree Graduate - now multi-award winning writer...

From Fascism to Freedom: Caroline's paternal grandparents and parents fled Fascist Italy, each arriving in America in stages, all working multiple jobs to build a better life for themselves free from dictatorship and oppression so that political freedom would enable them to pursue the dream: The American Dream. The simple act of speaking privately in your own home in Sicily/Italy was something to be feared daily. Whatever her grandparents & parents had, they shared with others: giving was a hallmark of what was taught in the home. Gratitude in all things...

Caroline's paternal grandfather, who served in WWI, was Knighted by Italy's President in the 1970's 'Order Vittorio Veneto'. Caroline's late father saved himself and other from Nazis; these stories form the basis for one of her screenplays, 38 DAYS, which was recently chosen as Finalist in the Storyline/DaVinci Int'l Film Festival 2020/2021 - truly unique!

As a bona-fide first-generation Italian/Sicilian-American ESL child immersed into the English language from the age of six (6): Caroline wrote, directed, produced, made costumes for and starred in her first play (Thanksgiving Story) at the age of 9 years-old. The year prior, she won her first poetry contest, sponsored by the American Red Cross: she was awarded $20.00. With her contest winnings, she fulfilled her quest as best she could and found the closest thing to Dorothy's ruby slippers at the time...Caroline's still buying shoes...


THE LAW/PRO BONO WORK: Hindsight being 20/20, she now understands and can see how she was steered away from a natural creative life and pushed toward something more stable, as she was academically gifted.  After completing her undergraduate studies at NYU: she would eventually earn her law degree, albeit in a non-conventional manner with the blessing of the State Bar of CA. Caroline continues to offer legal tutoring to 1L's, mentoring/guidance and is assisting a former wrongfully incarcerated individual navigate the criminal justice system to seek rightful compensation. Additionally, the area of Elder Law is of particular interest to her as she has been made aware how the generosity of our 55+ generation is so easily taken advantage of in seemingly innocuous ways. The legislators must do their job and hover over those who prey.


BULLYING: Thanks to the many patient speech therapists, although Caroline's stuttering/stammer is 99.9% cured - she still considers herself a life-long stutterer. Bullied for this, and for a host of whatever else was (and is) on the bully's/bullies' short list that day/week/month: In Caroline's opinion and experience, bullying doesn't stop, it simply takes on a different form (gaslighting, as one example) even when you're an adult.

She's especially sensitive to Cyberbullying of Children/Teens as well as online stalking/doxxing, plus Elder Abuse (see above) in all forms: the laws must keep up & the legislators must do their job.


For Caroline, creative writing is like breathing: It's a natural part of life.

Writing is her life.

It is in the act of writing, in the doing which brings continuous joy, renewed hope, healing and understanding.


*Triple Finalist*: Storyline/DaVinci Int'l Film Festival: (2) Feature Screenplays Concertmistress & 38 DAYS and  Dr. Heart (TV Pilot): 2020

Richmond Int'l Film Festival: Feature Screenplay: Semi-Finalist: Concertmistress: 2020

Scriptapalooza: QF: Pilot, 1/2 Hour. Dr. Heart 2020

Scriptapalooza: QF: Reality Category: "A Cherry On Top" (Cooking Game Show) 2020

Creative World Awards: Prelim Finalist: (2) Feature Screenplays: Concertmistress & 38 DAYS: 2020

POE Film Festival/Burning Love Screenplay Contest: 2020: Dr. Heart, Pilot: Teleplay Category

POE Film Festival/Burning Love Screenplay Contest: 2019: Concertmistress: (1 of 5 Finalists - Sole Female Writer/Finalist)

Scriptapalooza: QF: Concertmistress, Feature Screenplay, August, 2019  (Caroline's 1st entry/recognition:)


Available to consult on your project as a Sicilian Language Coach (native speaker) and Cultural Consultant.


While she is not perfect; Caroline is authentic.


Dreams have no expiration date...

Her unique trait: Fiercely Loyal ...


Caroline welcomes appropriate, congruent representation.

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Scripts By Caroline

The Ready Heart
On the 20th anniversary of her child's death, a mother shares the events leading up to the accident which took her daughter's life.
Short Drama, Family For sale 8pp
3 readers love this script
Winking Water
After he's dropped off at his grandmother's for a brief visit before dinner, a four year-old boy's sweet tooth simply can't hold out.
Short Comedy, Family For sale 1pp
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