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...Bona-fide First-generation Professional Degree Graduate turned screenwriter...


In 2019, Caroline Rovello did the unthinkable: she submitted a first draft to Scriptapalooza. Although she always believed herself to be a writer, deep down she was looking for a reason to postpone the General Bar Exam... 

Well, well, well: Concertmistress placed: Quarterfinals! A poorly formatted screenplay with a plethora of typos, Caroline now understands and appreciates what the judges recognized: her unique voice as a writer and the story.

This native New Yorker rolled the dice and bet on herself. 


From Fascism to Freedom: Caroline's paternal grandparents and parents fled Fascist Italy, each arriving in America in stages, all working multiple jobs to build a better life for themselves free from dictatorship and oppression so that political freedom would enable them to pursue the dream: The American Dream. The simple act of speaking privately in your own home in Sicily/Italy was something to be feared daily. Whatever her grandparents & parents had, they shared with others: giving was a hallmark of what was taught in the home. Gratitude in all things...

Caroline's paternal grandfather, who served in WWI, was bestowed Order of Vittorio Veneto (single degree of Knight) by Italy's President in the 1970's. Throughout his lifetime, while living in the US, her Nonno was affectionately referred to as, Cavaliere  by many.  Caroline's late father saved himself and others from Nazi capture. 

EDUCATION/WRITING/THE ARTS: According to her parents, with other relatives surrounding, Caroline held a pencil in her hand at the tender age of 6-months, flipped it over and began scribbling on paper: a born writer! Caroline was writing before she could walk. Reading from the age of 2 years, books and storytelling were a part of daily life. As a bona-fide first-generation Italian/Sicilian-American ESL child immersed into the English language from the age of six (6): Caroline wrote, directed, produced, made costumes for and starred in her first play (Thanksgiving Story) at the age of 9 years-old. 

...Writing chose Caroline at a very young age just as much as she chose writing even though her path is not classically traditional...

At the age of eight (8) in art class, she produced an abstract work of art which impressed the art teacher so much, her parents had to sign permission to display it in an art exhibition. That same year, she won her first poetry contest, sponsored by the American Red Cross and was awarded $20.00. With her contest winnings, she fulfilled her quest as best she could and found the closest thing to Dorothy's ruby slippers at the time...Caroline's still buying shoes...From the age of nine (9) she quickly took to playing viola and not violin only because the rental of a violin was too costly for her family. On Saturday afternoons, as a pre-teen, she and girlfriends would often make up plays/skits and perform on a real stage for school friends in the neighborhood. In middle school (junior high :), Caroline was assistant director then stage manager for two school-sanctioned productions: Gypsy and The Princess and The Pea.  During her undergraduate years at NYU, she was cast as lead actress in a student film, "Tofu Lizard Mama", which took home 1st place honors. Ever since Caroline was a pre-teen, she's always been the 'go-to' person friends and family would seek help, ask...beg, really with writing and revising anything and everything...


...a modern day Renaissance woman...


THE LAW/PRO BONO WORK/PHILANTHROPY: Hindsight being 20/20, she now understands and can see how she was steered away from a natural creative life and pushed toward something more stable, as she was academically gifted/strong.  After completing her undergraduate studies at NYU: she then earned  another undergraduate degree in in Criminal Law and would eventually earn her law degree, albeit in a non-conventional manner with the blessing of the State Bar of CA. Caroline continues to offer legal tutoring to 1L's, mentoring/guidance and is assisting a former wrongfully incarcerated individual navigate the criminal justice system to seek rightful compensation. 

Among other things, during the time Caroline was an active member of The Junior League of Los Angeles (JLLA), mentored two elementary students in 'The Wonder of Reading' program and was Top Chef at Alexandria House in the Mid-Wilshire district of LA, a transitional residence of hospitality for women and children in need. Overall, her extensive background in sales & marketing - lots of cold-calling -  has always been a key factor in her success.

THIS N' THAT: Caroline's cooking: sublime - she may cook for you but will always leave something out :) ... Dinner parties have been put on the back-burner due to this pandemic...While Caroline's refinished wood floors, painted rooms and framed art - kinda busy now with writing !

BULLYING/Stuttering: Thanks to the many patient speech therapists, although Caroline's stuttering/stammer is 99.9% cured - she still considers herself a life-long stutterer. Bullied for this and for a host of whatever else was (and is) on the bully's/bullies' short list that day/week/month: In Caroline's opinion and experience, bullying doesn't stop, it simply takes on a different form (gaslighting, as one example) even when you're an adult. Only after a series of recent unnerving incidents did Caroline realize she had been marginalized, dismissed for most of her life. Because of her own real-world experiences, Caroline's acutely aware of bullying as well as cyber-bullying, stalking & doxxing of teens, adults & the elderly. She offers legal guidance to obtain further professional assistance and resources. 

MUSIC: Caroline has resumed playing the viola and her college-age son is refining his sales-pitch...slowly talking his mom into taking French horn lessons so they can play together - yikes!  No contrivance here: Caroline's Nonno played French horn - it's in the blood! 


Caroline is open to Paid Writing assignments while in the process of relocating to a warmer climate...


"My work is emotionally relationship to actual reflects the emotional undercurrents of my every day because you [I] have no refuge but writing..." - Tennessee Williams 


For Caroline, creative writing is like breathing: It's simply part of life.

It is in the act of writing, in the doing, which brings continuous joy, renewed hope, healing and understanding.



American Zoetrope Screenplay Competition,  Feb 2021: Quarterfinalist, Concertmistress

Scriptapalooza Television Writing Competition: Feb 2021 Quarterfinalist: Dr. Heart 

Storyline/DaVinci Int'l Film Festival: ***Triple Finalist*** Concertmistress, 38 DAYS and  Dr. Heart: 2020 - 2021

Richmond Int'l Film Festival: Semi-Finalist: Concertmistress: 2020

Scriptapalooza Television Writing Competition, Fall 2020, Quarterfinalist: Dr. Heart 

Scriptapalooza Television Writing Competition: Fall 2020, Quarterfinalist: A Cherry On Top 2020

Creative World Awards: Preliminary Finalist (2): Fall 2020: Concertmistress & 38 DAYS

POE Film Festival/Burning Love Screenplay Contest: Oct 2020: Dr. Heart (1 of 3 Finalists)

POE Film Festival/Burning Love Screenplay Contest: Oct 2019: Concertmistress: (1 of 5 Finalists - Sole Female Writer)

Scriptapalooza Screenplay & Shorts Competition: Quarterfinalist: Concertmistress, August, 2019   (Caroline's 1st entry )


GENRE: Caroline can nestle a love story in whatever genre she tackles as she has the ability to deftly write from the heart.


CONSULTING:  Available to consult on your project as a Sicilian Language Coach (native speaker) and Cultural Consultant.


REPRESENTATION: Caroline welcomes and is seeking congruent representation. 


Website, IMDb, Instagram soon...

While she is not perfect, Caroline is authentic.

Caroline believes dreams have no expiration date...


Some of Caroline's Favorite Quotes

"...Just always be waiting for me."  - J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan  

"...We loved with a love that was more than love." - Edgar Allan Poe, Annabel Lee

"...My heart talks about nothing but you..." - Albert Camus

"...She wanted to crawl in his pocket and be safe forever..." - F. Scott Fitzgerald

"...Your heart knows the way, run in that direction...Love is the bridge between you and everything..." - Rumi


"There is a Fountain of Youth: It is your mind, your talents, the creativity your bring to your life and the lives of the people you love. When you learn to tap this source, you will surely have defeated age."    - Sophia Loren


"Originality is the product of knowledge, not guesswork. Scientific method in the arts provides an inconceivable number of ideas, technical ease, perfection and ultimately a feeling of real freedom, satisfaction and accomplishment." - Joseph Schillinger 


"...New York is always hopeful. Always believes that something good is about to come off ..." - Dorothy Parker


...Never give up...never earnest, do the work, in the quiet of your room ...Never give up...never...







N.B. All information on Caroline's profile as well as photographs, videos obtained via contests (links, social media & the like) including communications (email, messaging, telecommunications, letters via snail mail etc) are not to be used without permission, in a negligent manner, for profit or with malicious intent. Including posts. Caroline's profile, loglines, photos and writings are all copyrighted. [if it's transmittable - it's proprietary]

Shootin' The Shorts Reviews

Caroline is a Shootin' The Shorts reviewer, which means they take time out to help bring attention to other writer's short scripts they believe need to be produced. How cool is that? Here are all the reviews they've written.


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