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Caroline Rovello

...Nominee, Harold L. Brown, Award of Excellence...

Not long ago, Caroline did the unthinkable: she submitted a first draft to a well-respected international screenwriting contest. 

It placed.   This native New Yorker rolled the dice and bet on herself. 

"...New York is always hopeful. Always believes that something good is about to come off..." - Dorothy Parker


... Bona-fide first-generation professional degree graduate turned  -

multi-award-winning storyteller ...


Caroline, whose paternal grandfather, nonno - after honorable service under the Italian flag during WWI - earning numerous medals of distinction for valor, was bestowed Order of Vittorio Veneto - Cavaliere, single degree of Knight, by Italy's President in the 1973 ... during WWII, Caroline's father saved himself and other Italian soldiers from Nazi capture ...these two men, though no longer living, contribute to her drive and fuel the indomitable ancestral spirit running through her veins ...

...uniquely exceptional...flaws & all...

Writing since before she could walk, winning poetry contests, cooking contests, writing plays, making costumes, make-up & set-design, acting, modeling - speech contests, too - 

...Writing chose Caroline at a young age just as much as she never stopped writing even though her path is not classically traditional...

At the age of eight, in art class, she produced an abstract work of art which impressed the art teacher so much it was displayed in a county-wide art exhibit. That same year, she won her first poetry contest, sponsored by the American Red Cross, and was awarded $20.00. With her contest winnings, she fulfilled her quest as best she could and found the closest thing to Dorothy's ruby slippers at the time...Caroline's still buying shoes...

From the age of nine, she quickly took to playing viola.

...a modern-day Renaissance woman...


* After completing her Bachelor of Arts at New York University - Comparative Religion,  she then earned a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Law and would eventually earn her law degree.

* In between the lines, Caroline fiddles with the viola, while her son gently convinces his mom into taking French horn lessons so they can play together - yikes!  No contrivance here: Caroline's nonno played French horn, had a roarin' band in Sicily -- it's in the blood! 



The NOVA Fest 2021: Nominee,  Harold L. Brown Award of Excellence, First Time Writer: Concertmistress


American Zoetrope Screenplay Competition 2021:  Concertmistress


and, many, many more ...


Love Story Caroline can deftly write from the heart


...Caroline is an endurance writer...


Caroline Rovello is Known & Recognized for writing & creating: 

38 Days  - feature (Historical Biopic) Inspired by her late father's WWII experiences {& her mom's}

Concertmistress  - feature (Romantic Drama)  - original - award-winning

Untitled - feature (Romantic-Crime-Thriller) original - soon!

Dr. Heart (TV Pilot - 30 Minutes)

A Cherry On Top (Reality - Cooking Show)

The Ready Heart (Short/ Play)

Winking Water (Short)

Untitled - (TV Pilot - 1 Hour) - soon!

Untitled - (Reality - Docu-Series) x 2 - soon!



...As you go about your day quotes...

..."Though she be but little she is fierce!" - William Shakespeare 

" As I grow older, I pay less attention to what people say. I just watch what they do." - Andrew Carnegie

"...There is a Fountain of Youth: It is your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring to your life and the lives of the people you love. When you learn to tap this source, you will surely have defeated age..."    - Sophia Loren

"My work is emotionally relationship to actual reflects the emotional undercurrents of my every day because you [I] have no refuge but writing." - Tennessee Williams

"My tastes are very simple...I only want the very best." - Oscar Wilde


...While she is not perfect, Caroline is authentic

Dreams never hold an expiration date for Caroline ...





Currently re-watching: Vertigo, 1958 & Gaslight, 1944





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Shootin' The Shorts Reviews

Caroline is a Shootin' The Shorts reviewer, which means they take time out to help bring attention to other writer's short scripts they believe need to be produced. How cool is that? Here are all the reviews they've written.


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