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Cecil Battiste
Winter Park, United States

Cecil Battiste is a screenwriter with eight completed scripts. He only writes action and low budget comedy scripts. Cecil is looking for a WGA signatory agent and/or manager. He makes an offer to all agents/managers or production companies out there: read the first 10-pages of any of his scripts. If you like what you see, he'll send the whole script, and if you like the project, consider representing me or making an offer. I've posted the first act of two of my scripts as a writing sample. If you open these files please let me know what you think! 

Cecil is honest and friendly and happy to share and compare with other writers. Feel free to contact him if you want to bounce ideas around or chat. Cecil loves the TV show Monk. He is also a fan of Will & Grace. As far as movies, he kind of likes low budget stuff like Napolean Dynamite but also loves A Few Good Men, An Officer & a Gentlemen, Road House, Blood Sport and 80's and 90's stuff like that. Pitch Perfect is on his favorites list as well. Young Frankestein is basically perfection. 

Cecil has a few theories about comedy. Comedy is when Charlie Brown goes to kick the football even though we all know Lucy is going to pull the ball away at the last instant sending Charlie spinning head over ass, why does he always fall for it, while Lucy watches and makes pithy comments. You'd think he'd get mad eventually. Comedy is when a likeable hero pursues something but he or she just can't get it. It makes us laugh because we relate to it. Also, because we are kind of mean (be honest). Cecil wants to thank CJ Walley for creating this site and for being so honest and transparent about what he is up too. That is extremly rare. We all should thank people like that every chance we get. Mr. Walley isn't out to enrich himself on this thing. 


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Scripts By Cecil

Voodoo Magic#2: Nutterman's Revenge
Three high school buddies must reverse a voodoo curse or else they’ll die a thousand deaths and never find girlfriends.
Feature Comedy For sale 30pp
Voodoo Magic#1: The Burning Cross Curse
A handsome teen falls in love with every pretty girl that walks by. When he moves to Georgia, he meets the girl of his dreams, but must avoid her until he reverses a voodoo curse.
Feature Comedy For sale 30pp