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Hi, my name is Chas Lowe, also known as Rifleman Loweco Writer. I'm a retired pipeline xray inspector and now an avid screenplay writer. I enjoy writing and have over 40 completed full featured screenplays (only a few are uploaded here....more to be uploaded!) You can find me on Youtube, Facebook, webpage (, and IMDB. Thank you for reading and considering my work. "It's All In The Script, Hollywood!"

Scripts By Chas

Phantom 309
A wife has visions of the future which come true including her husband being tragically killed in his prized 18-wheeler. Love knows no bounds and their love binds them. How will they join together again?
Feature Romance, Sci-Fi, Thriller For sale 106pp
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The Mummy's Witch
A powerful, sexy witch avenges her father's murder by employing her two guy friends to retrieve an ancient mummy and then ordering the mummy to pay prices with pain and death upon the suspected murderers.
Feature Action, Drama, Fantasy, Sci-Fi For sale 113pp
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Man In Black
Johnny Cash and his band accumulate fans, stardom with that distinctive musical sound. But young Johnny must confront his demons. The spirits of an old Indian relative and a beautiful woman help him.
Feature Drama, Musical, Sci-Fi For sale 167pp
Two hobos who were big in the music business, change their lives together. But their dream is threatened and thanks to Luke and Ronnie, the concert is saved.
Feature Action For sale 117pp
The Hangin' of Frankenstein
When The Monster, Frankenstein, is shocked back to life by a couple of boys then experiences today's people and problems. Can he survive?
Feature Comedy, Horror For sale 113pp