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Cheryl Boyles
Tucson, United States

Long before I could print my name, I was "writing" dialogue. As a child, I did a lot of pretending and talking to myself, but this thrilling process of creating conversation involved editing — the alpha and omega literary love of my life.

The first screenplay I ever read was for the 70s film, "Billy Jack," because the paperback version was literally the movie script. As a 13-year-old kid, this alien style of writing spoke to me on somehow familiar terms, and I said to myself, "I could do that." I married young to escape an abusive household and turned to reading the classics while raising babies because college was out of the question. The thing I loved most about reading was the way I was able to "see the movie" — cast, set, and all — providing the most satisfying (and cheapest!) of escapes and adventures that, in a word, saved me.

Our own deepest truths reveal themselves in the stories we tell. My stories explore relationships I either never understood, or never experienced and wished I'd had. It doesn't get more personal than that, or more universal.

INFP/4w3, here to support and collaborate with like-minded people to create through film the LIGHT we want to see in the world.


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Scripts By Cheryl

Pod People
An abrasive pop star tortured by a secret past finds love, forgiveness, and healing through the humanness of a little girl hunted by the U.S.'s corporate-corrupted government for exploitable alien technology spliced into her DNA.
Feature Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi For sale 111pp
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A failed preacher re-imagines Christianity through making the Golden Rule his life's creed, but unexpected business success runs him afoul of organized labor, threatening to expose in him the same religious hypocrisy he so detests.
Feature Biography, Drama, History For sale 120pp
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