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Cheryl Newman
Orlando, United States

Writing since a child, my first paid, professional work came in high school when I was selected as a teen-beat columnist for the Daily News, Los Angeles (an LA newspaper second to the Times). I went on to receive a full scholarship to USC, earned a BA degree in journalism and worked for Lockheed Martin as an photojournalist while in college. I was the first in my family to graduate college. In the coming years, I've worked as a newspaper staffwriter and a magazine editor for various publications. Currently I work as a freelance writer, editor. reporter and photographer for magazines, newspapers, websites and blogs. Along with journalism, I restarted taking acting classes in addition to those in high school and college. While transitioning from full-time journalist to freelancer, I became involved in the film industry assisting my ex-husband (an extremely talented special make-up f/x artist ( and was eventually Taft Hartleyed into SAG. I worked as an actress on a few films and in episodic television ( Joining my love of writing with that of working in the film industry, I've written two scripts and several concept episodes for television shows. I'd like to fine-tune my script writing skills and I hope to get the chance of having my work seen by the right people. Both scripts I'm currently writing and rewriting are based nearly solely upon true stories, and with one, because of the important nature of the content, I feel it's a story that must be told.

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