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Chris Dahl
Tampa, United States

Chris Dahl started writing comedy and satire for The Spoof a few years ago and got good response, so during the Covid-19 lockdown he decided to try his hand at making his comedy into screenplays. It worked.  The first result was The Second Coming, a story of Jesus coming back to handle the End Times in Tampa, Florida and almost -- almost -- quitting.  The next result was a satire of Trump's infamous weekend of hiding out in the White House security bunker to avoid the protestors outside, a piece called Savior-in-Chief. Currently, Dahl is working on a satire of his career in public education entitled Bored of Education.

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Scripts By Chris

The Second Coming
God’s plans for the End Times are messed up when Trump & Pence take over the White House.
Feature Comedy Available for Free 108pp
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President Donnie gets stuck in The White House security bunker because of some stupid protestors, so he and his pal, AG Bill Barr, cook up a scheme to spring him.
Feature Comedy Available for Free 85pp