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Christie Glascoe
Atlanta, United States

After 15 years of writing books, editing/ghostwriting manuscripts, and coaching authors (among many other professional hats), Christie is pursuing her dream of writing films and television shows. Never mind she's an over-40 single mom of two teens and some think she's crazy for doing it. According to Alice in Wonderland, all the best people are. 

The majority of her work has been collaborative, writer-for-hire, and/or editor for television series, web series, features, short films, and scripted podcasts in various genres. Her personal sweet spots are drama and dramedy, but she enjoys the challenge of writing others when given the chance. 

She looks forward to more opportunities to create and collaborate, connect with others in the industry, and learn everything she can about this business. 

Scripts By Christie

Anything for Love
Ben and Victoria are in love, but her dark and deathly secret could ruin their relationship. If he learns the truth, Ben's life would certainly change forever. Is he willing to do anything for love?
Short Drama, Romance Example of work only 1pp
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This Changes Everything
The man interviewing Gina Quinn for her dream job is someone from her past whose impact on her future reaches far beyond being her new boss.
Short Drama Example of work only 10pp
Becoming Sydney
Sydney has a glamorous life, including a high-powered job and a famous fiance. The trouble is that she doesn't want any of it and didn't figure it out until her wedding day.
TV Pilot Comedy, Drama Example of work only 31pp