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Christina Funera
New Castle, United States

Christina Funera is an American Author and Screenwriter. She has her Bachelor's degree in English/Creative Writing with a concentration in Screenwriting. She has five books published on amazon. She also has a series of episodes from her book, Malibu Night on amazon. She has written two screenplays, "Wasted" registered with the WGAW. no 2117497. She also has written a screenplay, "Ivy Hills." She is currently working on a series for a tv show, "Death Couldn't Stop Me." 

She is also currently working on different films as a background actor. 


Christina Funera

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Scripts By Christina

Ivy Hills
A retired veteran fights off a force to murder his long time friend, while under a spell from the Ivy.
Feature Sci-Fi, Sport For sale 85pp
A teenage girl attends a house party, she gets drunk and is ganged raped by three guys while she is passed out.
Episode Drama For sale 53pp