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Christine J. Whitlock
Hamilton, Canada

Christine J. Whitlock

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada; C-905/ 512-8123;


WORK EXPERIENCE               


- 2018 – Judge for the Toronto Romance Writers’ The Catherine Contest

- 2017 – Writer of crime/horror flash fiction WINTER COVER in THE STAND published by Polar Expressions Publishing

- 2017 – Executive Producer for (3) short science-fiction films by the HAMILTON VIDEO FILM MAKERS

- 2017 – Executive Producer, Writer, Actor for SIRIUS STUFF 5.0 min. short science-fiction film

- 2016 – VAMPIRE DENTIST novel excerpt in Horror Writers Association - Ontario Chapter anthology GROUP HEX, Volume 1

- 2016 – Executive Producer, Writer, Actor for THE RING 6.0 min. short romantic/fantasy/thriller film

- 2015 – Writer, Executive Producer, Actor for ALIEN RETURN 4.5 min. short sci-fi film

- 2015 - Infomercial Writer with Scorpio Pictures Inc. for their AFTER HOURS HD CHANNEL CONTENT

- 2015 - Writer, Producer, Director for the short comedy/drama play SEATS AT A PLAY for the Hamilton Fringe Festival

- 2014 – Writer, Executive Producer, Actor, and Distributor for NOT MY BAG!!!, 2.5 min. short crime-spoof film

- 2013 - Writer, Producer, Director, Actor for psychological thriller/horror indie feature film: DAYS OF THE IGUANAS (60 min.)

- 2013 – Writer, Director, Actor, camera operator for THIRST QUEST, 5 min. short comedy film

- 2012 – Writer, Director, producer for RE, DIMENSIONS, THE BRIGHT STAR OF ALPHERATZ, animated shorts

- 2012 – Writer, Director, Actor for KOTAR’S REVENGE, short comedy film

- 2010 - Writer, Producer, Director, Editor for 10-second short horror movie HYDE AND SHRIEK

- 2010-2012 - Directors Guild of Canada, Assistant Director Trainee, Toronto

- 2006 - Writer, Producer, Director, Actor for horror /comedy /erotic B+ indie feature film sequel MARINA MONSTER (72 min.)

- 2006 – Writer, Producer, Director for horror /comedy /erotic indie B+ movie VAMPIRE DENTIST

 (90 min.) accepted in Night of the Living Film Festival 2010;

-2005 – Writer, Producer, Director for horror/comedy/erotic creature indie feature film SHARP TEETH

(80 min.) accepted in Hamilton Film Festival 2009;

- 2001 - Writer of MURDER AT SUNSET RANCH, Dinner Theatre, September 21 & 28, 2001, Dundas ON.

- 2001 - Writer, Producer, Director MURDER ON THE HIGH SEAS, Dinner Theatre, June 23, 2001, Bronte ON.

- 1991 – 2009 – CYCLING ROUTE BOOK – research, design, ad sales, media releases, three updates

- 1988 – Present - WOMEN WHO EXCEL INC. – website, media releases, dinner schedule, speaker schedule, procedure manual, (25) annual member directories

- 1986 - PLASTIC SURGERY - 1/2 hour program for CHTV, Hamilton ON. Concept, interviewer, writer, director.

- 1984 - 1989 - Part-time Police Reporter for Toronto Star, Toronto ON & CKOC-1150 Radio, Hamilton ON.

- 1983 - 1999 - Hamilton Cable 14 (1983 - 98): associate producer/writer of own show, CREATIVE  FOCUS;

Program "Assignment Hamilton" won the1994 Award for Excellence in Programming in the Magazine Category by the Ontario Cable Television Producers. Various production positions: Camera operator, VTR operator, switcher, timer, floor director, graphics, cable puller, production assistant, Hamilton ON.

- 1980 - 2015 - CJ Creative Productions Inc. - writer, photographer, publisher, special events.








-           American Scriptwriters Association                                -           International Thriller Writers                                    

-           Horror Writers Association – Ontario                              -           Science Fiction Canada

-           CWC: Crime Writers of Canada                                     -           SIC: Sisters in Crime, Toronto           

-           The Directors Rights Collective of Canada (DRCC)        

-           CANSCAIP: Canadian Society of Children’s Authors, Illustrators and Performers






George Brown College Toronto, Novel Writing Certificate, (2018);

Travel Writing, Science Fiction Worlds, Mohawk College, Hamilton, 2018;

Novel Writing II, George Brown College, Toronto, 2018;

Online Thriller School, International Thriller Writers, 2018;

Comedy Writing; Subtext Secrets; Writing Assignment Class; ScreenwritingU, 2017;

Mastering The Thriller Genre, ScreenwritingU, 2017;

Creative Writing - Getting Started, Expressive Writing, George Brown College, Toronto, 2017;

Creating Terrifying Horror Screenplays, ScreenwritingU, 2017;

Profound Screenwriter Program, ScreenwritingU, 2017;

Intermediate Creative Writing, Brian Henry, Burlington, 2017;

Various tele-courses, ScreenwritingU, 2015 – 2017;

Beginner-level Screenplay Writing Workshop, Gabriel D'Angi, Hamilton, 2016;

Writing your life & other true stories, Brian Henry, Burlington, 2015;

Stage Management; Play Writing; Producing; Set Design; Players Guild of Hamilton, 2015;

Short Story Writing 1, (Nancy Kilpatrick), George Brown College, Toronto, 2014;

Creating Science Fiction, (Nina Munteanu), George Brown College, Toronto, 2013;

Writing Great Characters, Brian Henry, Mississauga, 2013;

Essentials of Continuity and Script Supervision, Daniela Saioni, Raindance Toronto, 2013;

Novel Writing I - How to Start Writing Your Novel, George Brown College, Toronto, 2013;

Producing Short Films & Online Distribution Strategies, Charles Street Video, Toronto, 2013;

How to Write a Bestseller – Kelley Armstrong, Brian Henry, Oakville, 2013;

Canadian Indie Film Producing, Raindance Toronto, 2013;

Successful Screenwriting, Raindance Toronto, 2013;

Writing a Page Turner, Brian Henry, Burlington, 2012;

Social Media Foundation Certificate for Filmmakers, Raindance Toronto, 2012;

Cinematography, DOC, Toronto, 2012;

Film Financing, Raindance Toronto, 2012;

Introduction to PhotoShop, DGC, Toronto, 2012;

Screen Adaptation, (Randy Pearlstein), DGC, Toronto, 2012;

ScriptwritingU – Pro Series, 2011-2012;

Creating & Producing Your Own TV Series (Allan Novak), DGC, 2012

Script Writing (Randy Pearlstein), DGC, Toronto, 2011;

Story Lab Toronto, Toronto, 2011;

10 Second Movie, DGC, Toronto, 2010;

Find the Heart of Your Writing, Part II; Documentary Workshop, Multicultural Cinema Club, Kitchener ON, 2009;

Documentary Writing Intensive; Editing Aesthetics; Distribution Strategy, LIFT, Toronto, 2009;

Writing TV Comedy, Bad Dog Theatre Toronto, 2009;

Comedy Writing I, The Second City Training Centre Toronto, 2008;

Introduction to Comedy Writing, The Second City Training Centre Toronto, 2007;

Scriptwriting II, McMaster University, Hamilton ON, 2006;

NBC Universal Women Writers Workshop, WIFT Toronto, 2006;

Developing Sensual/Erotic Writing Styles, McMaster University, Hamilton ON, 2005;

Scriptwriting Rules; Cobwebs, Creaks & Cadavers: Horror Writing, McMaster University, Hamilton ON, 2004;

Sketch: Writing & Performance, Humber College Toronto, 2004;

Crafting the Modern Mystery, McMaster University, Hamilton ON, 2003;

Writing Speculative Fiction, Ryerson University Toronto, 2003;

Scriptwriting: Comedy, Humber College Toronto, 2003;

Groaners and Beyond: Humour Writing, McMaster University, Hamilton ON, 2003;

How to Create, Pitch & Produce Your Own Series, Max the Mutt Animation School Toronto, 2002;

Playwriting Workshop; Writing Television Situation Comedy, Ryerson University Toronto, 2002;

 The Game’s Afoot: A Mystery Writing Workshop, McMaster University, Hamilton ON, 2002;

The Humber School of Comedy Summer Workshop, Humber College Toronto, 2002;

George Brown College Toronto, Creative Writing Certificate, (2002);

Romance Writing; Scriptwriters’ Workshop – Advanced; Writing for Children I, George Brown College Toronto, 2002;

Playwriting; Dialogue Workshop; Writing TV Scripts that Sell; George Brown College Toronto, 2001;

Write Your Own Screenplay, George Brown College Toronto, 2000;

Storytelling & Story Development for Animation, Max the Mutt Animation School Toronto, 2000;

Writing for Animation, Centennial College Toronto, 2000;

Short Film Writing, LIFT Toronto, 1999;

Writing for Children, Barbara Greenwood: Instructor, Ryerson University Toronto, 1997;

Michael Haege’s Screenwriting for Hollywood, Ryerson University Toronto, 1997;

Scriptwriting I & II, Ryerson University Toronto, 1987-88;

Ryerson University Toronto, Magazine Journalism Certificate, (1988)

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Scripts By Christine J.

Double Steed
When a shy teen takes over the care and training of her competitor’s new horse, her growing confidence, compassion and companionship with the two horses wins her a dressage competition.
Feature Drama, Family For sale 84pp
Relative Contact
At remote farms where lone women's masked attacks stump local police, a disgraced female TV reporter escapes her big city past, returns to her home town and becomes the next victim.
Feature Thriller For sale 93pp