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Christine Locker
Pretoria, South Africa

Christine Locker lives in South Africa. My writing partner is Lee Ann Riddle from USA, and we have been writing together since 2003 and finally took the plunge into producing in 2019.

We are currently in post-production with our short film "My neighbor Earl" (2020). Progress can be followed on and Facebook.

Our short screenplay "6 Equals 9" has been picked up for production by Ron Harris of Stargazersfilmco right here on Script Revolution.

Our short screenply"Ghost o'clock" was selected as semi-finalist in New York City International Screenplay awards.

Our feature screenplay "Call of the Crazy" was selected as finalist in the Pitch Now Screenplay Competition.

"Wages of Sin", a horror we were hired to work on by Aaron Robson was released on DVD in 2007. It received a nomination for the Shockerfest International Film Festival.

Our short screenplay "Luck of the Draw" produced and directed by SJ Munoz Main from Tica Productions, starring Chris Mulkey, James Duval and Kristoffer Winters. 
This short is now available on Shorts TV. It was accepted into the "Dallas Film Festival", "Jackson Hole Film Festival", "Palm Springs Film Festival" and the "Rhode Island Film Festival" The screenplay for Luck also won 2nd place in the Writesafe Second Quarter 2005 contest..

Unproduced feature screenplay wins
- "Call of the Crazy" was selected as finalist in the Pitch Now Screenplay Competition 2019.
- "Flight of the Dragonfly' – Drama in collaboration with SJ Main of Tica Productions - 2nd (finalist) in the drama category of the International Family Film Festival and was 1 of 25 semi-finalists in the Domani Vision Film Festival
- 'B.ustin' U.nidentified D.udes' - Scifi comedy - Finalist in 'Writesafe 1st Quarter 2005' contest
- 'Operation Santa Claus' - Drama Comedy - Semi-Finalist in 'Writesafe 4th Quarter 2005' contest
- 'Ghostwriter' Teenage drama - was a Finalist in 'Writesafe 4th Quarter 2005' contest
- We received "finalist" (2nd) in the drama category of the "International Family Film Festival" for "Flight of the Dragonfly", a collaboration with SJ Munoz Main.
- 'Wide Open' – Drama- won Honorable Mention in 'Spec Scriptacular South Africa' contest
- 'Tokoloshe' placed 5th in 'Writesafe 3rd Quarter 2004' contest
- ”Call of the Crazy' won Honorable mention in 'Writesafe 3rd Quarter 2004' contest
- 'Death Midwives' was a Finalist in the 'Writesafe 4th Quarter 2004' contest
- 'Seven Trumpets' was a Finalist in 'Writesafe 4th Quarter 2004'contest

Unproduced short screenplay wins
- "Ghost o'clock" was selected as semi-finalist in New York City International Screenplay awards 2019.
- 'Earl' was a Semi-Finalist in 'Writesafe 1st Quarter 2005' contest
- 'Dead of the Night' placed 3rd in the First Heat of NYCMidnight contest 2004

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