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Christopher Chance

I am an "optioned" screenwriter and a published author with books published by the Penguin-Random House Group (Mainstream) and Strand Publishing, UK. I adapted one of my books to screenplay and both book and screenplay are optioned. I adapted another of my books to screenplay because I retained the Film Rights so I need not confer with my publisher should the work be optioned. I have five other completed feature spec scripts available for review, which are mainly Drama but with strong elements of Thriller, Suspense and Action throughout each work. Also, most of my characters are people I have met and the locations are places I have experienced. This is why my work is authentic and original. My agent is: Rebecca Watson at Valerie Hoskins Associates, London. I am an ex-pro soldier (Combat Engineer). I also worked as a military intelligence operator (details in confidence only). I also worked as a weapons instructor trained by SASC, Warminster. I am Yondan - 4th dan ju-jitsu and karate. I am the narrator and subject of Nat Geo’s episode, The Daredevil Drug Runner, on their popular series ‘Locked up Abroad’, currently being screened worldwide. I am a team player, interested only in getting my work to the screen, so any rewrites, alterations and changes etc., will be executed with a good heart. Also, collaborating with other writers is fine by me.

My latest script, BENEATH THE POPPY FIELDS, has now been adapted to a book of the same name.



Valerie Hoskins Associates, London.


Rebecca Watson

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Scripts By Christopher

The Rutters
The drug barons and bad cops thought they had their man, little did they know his wife would be the death of them.
Feature Action, Drama, Thriller For sale 100pp
Beneath The Poppy Fields.
Hardened warriors find a baby on the battlefield. Little did they know it would be the death of them.
Feature Action For sale 90pp