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Christopher Holt
London, United Kingdom

I studied painting at Reading University and the Slade and have exhibited my work around the world, including the National Portrait Gallery in London. After a decade of painting, I began to make documentaries. In 2011, I wrote and directed the phenomenally successful ‘Wonders of the Solar System’ and ‘Wonders of the Universe’ the two-series catapulted Prof Brian Cox to stardom and got the whole nation talking about space.

Since then I have made documentary films and scripted drama documentaries for every major broadcaster in the UK and US including Discovery, National Geographic, BBC 1&2, Channel 4, CNN, NBC, ITV and Channel 5. My work has been nominated for 4 BAFTAs including 'Best Director'. I have won two RTS awards and a Peabody for my writing.

In 2019, I wrote and directed my first scripted short film entitled ‘3 Sleeps’. The film tells the story of nine-year-old Casey who is left alone in charge of her two young sisters by her troubled mum. When there’s a medical emergency Casey must make the difficult decision of protecting her errant mum or saving her sister’s life. It is based on a true story.

The short has been accepted into and won lots of festivals, including Norwich, Foyle, LSFF, Cambridge, Brooklyn, Alice Nella Citta, Mallorca International and London Independent Film Festival. It was longlisted for a BAFTA in 2020. 

I have just finished wriitig my first feature film 'Panda - Call of the Wild' which was due to start principle photography in June 2020, but due to Covid is now scheduled to shoot in September. 

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Scripts By Christopher

An attention-seeking woman claims she is the abducted daughter of a heart broken family, setting off a re-investigation of the girl's disappearance and bringing unintended consequences.
TV Pilot Drama, Thriller For sale 66pp
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