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Christopher Kerr
London, United Kingdom

Born: c.1801, Scotland - found on a church doorstep, wrapped in the new Union Flag which he dubiously claims to have "mocked up that morning".

Age: 40. Having invented both the bicycle and the time-machine by age 15, Mr Kerr subsequently fell victim to a terrible accident upon removing the training wheels; stranding him in Australia, c.2005... Mysteriously aging nearly a decade in the process! Both Mr Kerr and top government scientists are at a loss to explain the missing 10 years.

Nationality: British, Australian, Pyrate.

Still an enthusiastic cyclist, now returned to the UK, Mr Kerr currently skippers the waterways of South-East England. He is accompanied in this endeavour by First-mate Mindi-Schnauzer, and Master-at-arms / heir apparent, Toovey-The-Wonder-dog.

In order to finance this floating fiefdom - maintenance, dogfood, tyres, hyphens, commas, requisite rum - Mr Kerr can typically be found bobbing between Film Post-production jobs, script-analysis assignments, or manual labouring. In his 15+ years Technology and Production capacities in Post, Mr Kerr has worked on a string of award-winning features; many of which could have benefited creatively from smaller budgets and stronger scripts.

2017 saw a determined effort to break away from Post, into screenwriting proper - to realise some of his own ideas. This has led to a few awards on the Festival scene, as well as some progress towards self-producing a couple of short animated films, and a one-shot comic.

Based on actual events, some - or less - of the above is true.

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Scripts By Christopher

The Cut
Two young men must find their passage through the canals of post-apocalyptic London, to peace and freedom, in the "promised land" beyond: Bristol.
Feature Comedy, Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller For sale 90pp
Sweet Resolve
A dedicated vegan finds herself in a moral quandary, as she races to save an exhausted bumble-bee.
Short Comedy, Drama For sale 7pp
Apt. 6c
An independent young woman finds herself isolated and alone when the landlord takes a special interest in her.
Short Comedy, Thriller For sale 24pp
C4: Twenty Minutes Into The Future
A short comedy about Diversity.
Short Animation, Comedy For sale 13pp
Esc.(ape) Online
A Virtual universe. A ragtag ensemble: experiencing risk and adventures together, each masquerading as someone - something - else. But their leader’s thirst for vengeance now threatens dire consequences upon their online, and real-world, personas.
TV Pilot Comedy, Drama, Sci-Fi For sale 51pp