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CJ Hatch
Philadelphia, United States

A multi-decade broadcast and print journalist turned PR pro, I branched out a few years ago into the long form literary world with the publication of  HURRICANE RON: A Novel (a 2015 Crime Fiction Lover "Ten to Taste"), for which I was approached to adapt into a screenplay as a vehicle for a well-known actor. That endeavor is a 15th Annual StoryPros International Screenplay Contest quarterfinalist. I also collaborated with a longtime friend and co-writer on "CECIL'S WOODS," a Wes-Anderson/Cohen Brothers-style feature-length screenplay about a boy living amongst animals on a densely wooded interstate median, which made it to the finals of the 14th Annual StoryPro Screenplay competition, and is a Filmmatic & Scriptation 2021 quarterfinalist. I also have the first ~30 pages of a stand-alone prehistoric horror script that I'm also writing as a novel, and am in the early stages of a teen drama set in the 1980's..

My writing style and subject matter can be credited to growing up with liberal ideals in the conservative Deep South, fed a steady diet of 70's and 80's film and television tempered by the highs and lows of 90's cinema and, of course, several military deployments. I like gritty, I like diverse, I like kids who behave like adults and adults who behave like kids. I love protagonists who are their own worst enemies. Come at me with interesting opportunities to collaborate and make the world a better place by telling diverse stories from new perspectives. Agents, publishers, & producers/directors are encouraged to inquire.

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Cecil's Woods
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Gang of One: Hurricane Ron

Scripts By CJ

Cecil's Woods
When plans for a gas station and rest stop threaten his home, a young boy living in harmony with nature on a densely-wooded interstate median, must reveal himself and unite a struggling small town.
Feature Comedy For sale 82pp
Coverfly All-time Overall Top 25%
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Gang of One: Hurricane Ron
An investigative reporter must help the FBI stop an outlaw motorcycle gang's violent crime spree and rescue his family from a murderous sheriff while a deadly storm tears apart his hometown.
Feature Action, Adventure, Drama, Thriller Seeking finance 90pp
Coverfly All-time Overall Top 35%