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CJ Walley 23 Nov 2021 1

I’ve spent the best part of ten years now hearing the phrase “you’ll look like an amateur” over and over again within screenwriting communities but, more often than not, what’s fussed over is petty and ambiguous. Yet, at the same time, I see behaviour that screams NOOB from the rooftops that it seems nobody’s talking about. So, here’s a list of what jumps out to me and how to correct the course - CJ

CJ Walley 15 Oct 2021 3

I’m a painfully loyal person and, while that sounds like a strength, I’m not entirely sure it is. It’s a trait. Loyalty is a strange beast that can often be tied to a lot of different factors that mean what looks like loyalty in others might be something else entirely, while our own loyalty can often be exploited. I want to introduce you to a concept; the difference between having our loyalty rewarded and having our loyalty abused - CJ

CJ Walley 03 Jun 2021 0

You know, one of the greatest feelings in the world for me is learning about how Script Revolution is helping change people's trajectories and bringing more films into life. This is one of those very special days when I get to share some photos of a production in progress thanks to members of this community connecting. So how cool is this? Check out these exclusive behind the scenes photos and stills from the production of "The Legend of Lake Hollow". I'm feeling very proud of these guys and honoured to be part of their journey - CJ

CJ Walley 23 Feb 2021 3

I’m, as of time of writing, 41 years old with an emphasis on the old. When I was a kid, I was exposed to the American New Wave films of the 70’s via rented video tape and, as I moved into my teens, the Independent Cinema Movement of the 90’s via late night TV and DVD. Lucky me. Generation-X got a damn good deal. I miss these eras dearly but it’s time to move on and get real -  CJ

CJ Walley 19 Jan 2021 3

If you’ve added a script listing to Script Revolution in the past few months, you’ll have likely noticed that you have the option to add a link to what’s called a ScriptHop Packet and you may have noticed my listing for Blueberry Special includes one. So what’s the deal? Why have I been so quick to implement this relatively unknown platform and promote what many would see as a direct competitor?— CJ 

CJ Walley 22 Dec 2020 7

Around this time last year, I published the blog “A Plan to Succeed in Screenwriting in 2020”. I wanted to revisit this with all I have learned in the previous twelve months. Therefore, this is the same document redrafted with some new reflections. 2020 has been a strange year to say the least and its impact on the film industry so significant it will most likely be changed forever as a result. Let’s dive in — CJ

CJ Walley 18 Nov 2020 11

So, I’m in a weird but exciting place right now. A feature film I’ve written is set for release in North American very shortly. It’s going to be stocked in Walmart, Best Buy, and Amazon to buy on DVD and available on multiple streaming platforms. It’s been an exhilarating couple of years from unknown amateur to working screenwriter so here’s the most important lessons I’ve learned along the way — CJ

CJ Walley 16 Aug 2020 6

If you know me, you know I rarely have a good word to say about screenwriting gurus. In fact, in the eight years I’ve been screenwriting, I’ve made many an enemy of these self proclaimed experts. I don’t actually hate them. I know some very respected consultants working for the big studios and my fellow producers and I use them to reassure investors our script is ready for market. I just hate people who rip off naive amateurs trying to go pro. So, here’s five ways you can spot a grifter before it’s too late - CJ

CJ Walley 04 Aug 2020 0

As someone who’s becoming somewhat seen as an opinion leader within the break-in screenwriting world, I get approached by people all the time asking me to judge competition entries, read books, and try out thir software. I almost always say no because their business operation is often predatory and against the interests of my peers. I’m a working writer-producer so I know what actually makes a difference and perhaps that’s why Prewrite caused me to stop in my tracks and give it a second glance - CJ

CJ Walley 05 Jul 2020 4

Yes, we all know the rehearsed phrase by now, “Final Draft is the industry standard!”, an axiom it seems many screenwriters feel obliged to screech at anyone who dares ask what the best piece of software is to turn our day-dreaming into a full fleshed out, Hollywood ready, screenplay. However, as artists always looking to improve our craft, we owe it to ourselves to explore the other options out there - CJ

CJ Walley 20 May 2020 6

Something I see every day that really pains me are screenwriters walking into the equivalent of career quicksand. I see this happening on various stages of writer’s journeys and sometimes they aren’t so much aimlessly wandering into trouble as gleefully diving right in to thunderous applause. Sometimes they are pushed. Here’s what I think screenwriters looking to build careers need to look out for while treading very carefully - CJ

CJ Walley 23 Apr 2020 4

It’s time for a bit of fun. Look, take this satirical blog post how you want. It’s not directed at anybody in particular but it does pull from various individuals I’ve watched trying to break in over the past eight years and points out a very real problem I seem to see every day within various online communities - there’s too many entitled screenwriters out there complaining about a lack of success while putting in the least amount of effort - CJ

CJ Walley 05 Apr 2020 0

Script Revolution is now a little over three and a half years old and holds a database of nearly 7,000 scripts by over 6,000 writers. Month on month, thousands of scripts are downloaded. We are seeing success stories too as screenwriters option and sell scripts of all types from shorts to features. What started as a small community is growing into a significant industry movement as more and more people jump at the opportunity to host their scripts for free and make the most of being able to search through material without having to be part of an exclusive clique - CJ 

CJ Walley 03 Apr 2020 1

So, around six months ago, following the production of Break Even, a feature film I wrote on assignment staring Tasya Teles, James Callis, and Steve Guttenberg, I moved onto attaching myself to my second feature film project. As the lead producer negotiated signing on, they laid out their baggage which, to my surprise, included me, the screenwriter, becoming a co-producer. In this blog, I’m going to talk about what I’m learning from being on the other side, how I feel that impacts writing, and I how I believe screenwriters can get ahead - CJ

CJ Walley 10 Jan 2020 8

It’s twenty-twenty and time for some tough-talk. You know I’m slowly building a screenwriting career and I want to send the elevator back down as much as I can. There’s a LOT of misinformation out there, more than ever right now, and I feel the need to lay down ten truths every screenwriter trying to break in needs to know before they make bad decisions, end up going in circles, or even worse, give up on their dreams far too early - CJ

CJ Walley 30 Dec 2019 3

You know what made the A-Team great, besides the inherent dysfunction of their dynamic which provided a lot of humorous conflict to entertain us? It was that Hannibal always had a plan and, the second he lit up a cigar and took a few puffs with that trademark grin, we knew they were going to win. It’s time for you to win too and, while I certainly don’t want you to form a habit of smoking Cubans, I do want you to have a plan to succeed in 2020 - CJ

CJ Walley 25 Nov 2019 4

As we head into the holiday season, we find ourselves stirred up by bright lights, jingling melodies, and copious quantities of sugar with the onus on being as merry as possible, content with life, and excited for the future. The reality is that life is hard and these mandatory festivities can really draw contrast with just what a dark place many of us writers often find ourselves - CJ

CJ Walley 09 Oct 2019 4

You see it every day on the forums, how do I break in? What’s the Goldilocks porridge of scripts that will guarantee success? How do I create that magic bullet? Who do I need to talk to to make it all happen? What's Hollywood looking for? DEAR GOD, PLEASE TELL ME WHAT THIS CRAZY TOWN IS LOOKING FOR!? I empathise with this dilemma and I’m going to outline what I feel is a genuine strategy toward getting your foot in the door as a working screenwriter - CJ

CJ Walley 06 Oct 2019 5

If you are an artist trying to break into the creative arts industry, you are probably more than aware that a portfolio is essential to being taken seriously and shows what you have to offer the marketplace. However, what I’m seeing over and over again are amateurs who are failing to see what is probably the most valuable side of their offering and completely ignoring what is a critical component in their marketing strategy. Let’s talk about what you might be missing, how it’s holding you back, and what you can do about it - CJ

CJ Walley 22 Sep 2019 2

Okay that's perhaps a bit of an overly convoluted title but this isn’t a full guide supposed to cover every aspect of every deal a screenwriter can be presented with during their career. This is some basics to cover those early offers you may be presented with and to help you determine if you should maybe get excited or consider politely walking away into the sunset - CJ

CJ Walley 21 Sep 2019 9

There's something I want to get off my chest. My need to say this has come from what’s actually a wonderful forum thread I stumbled upon about script listing websites. I was delighted to see Script Revolution recommended along with the Black List and InkTip with a bunch of positive success stories surrounding it. After three years struggling to get the site off the ground, I have to admit I got a little misty-eyed. However, since I am a defensive pessimist, I of course had to find something to find a beef with and this beef has been brewing for a long time - CJ

CJ Walley 21 Aug 2019 2

Hey, if you’re feeling a bit bleak about your screenwriting journey lately then you need to read this. We all get a little down and this climb up the mountain can seem futile and pointless at times. I myself am going through my own doubt and paranoia despite my recent success. It’s amazing how quick the pessimism can creep back in when things slow down. So, let’s do something about that. Let’s remind ourselves why we write screenplays and rediscover that motivation we need to not only continue our journey but enjoy every step - CJ

CJ Walley 27 Jun 2019 3

For a long time before my first professional screenwriting gig, I was known for being a screenwriter who didn’t spend much money trying to break in. While this was partly because my financial situation simply prohibited anything but a very minor expense, what some people don’t know is that I blew what little savings I had in my first two years writing and that taught me an important lesson; I’d gotten nothing back of any value and needed a different strategy - CJ

CJ Walley 21 Jun 2019 4

Rules, rules, rules – it can feel everyone wants to throw a new one at you when you get into screenwriting and they are almost always obsessed with the superficial such as formatting and typos. Good craft will always trump bootlicking via conformity but let’s not dwell too much on that because I want to share something with you that might just become your new mantra - CJ

CJ Walley 11 Jun 2019 8

I’m a screenwriter based in an old rural market town in the UK who’s recently gotten back from LA where I got to see a feature film I’d written go through principle photography, and now everybody’s asking me how to break in. I can’t really answer that question but I can say this, what I’ve come to notice over the past few years is a distinct difference in attitude between those who eventually break in and those who never seem to make it. I feel like I can easily place amateur screenwriters into one of two groups and predict their destiny - CJ