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Claire Abbott

My two passions in life are Psychology (which I have a degree 2:1 Hon in) and writing. Over the years I have written; short stories, poems, lyrics and more recently scripts.

My passion for writing began as a child and as a teenager was fortunate to build a strong friendship with an author called Jack Trevor Story (wrote The Trouble with Harry). I met Jack as he was selling some of his books on a stand as I walked home from school.

A very sweet man, who helped me develop my story telling and introduce me to art of writing. I have thus far had small successes and have recently turned my creativity to script writing.

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Scripts By Claire

Thank You For Calling
A young man battles against being engulfed by rage and desire to kill. Can his best friend save him? Or, will he too be drawn into his madness?
Feature Comedy, Crime, Drama For sale 90pp
1 reader loves this script
Insight - Incite
A false prophet. An apocalypse. A demon. An epic battle and fight for mankind's soul. Can God’s chosen one overcome the dark forces, threatening to destroy us all?
TV Pilot Action, Adventure, Fantasy For sale 50pp