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Claus Kongstedt Meyer

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Claus Kongstedt Meyer
Copenhagen, Denmark

I am hiring a scriptwriter for no-budget movies. From easteurope or south america, is perfect.

I make movies under no-budget dogma - BumbleBee Productions.

I hope to find a screenwriter who will help writing my visual ideas to a script I can shoot. I have a plan to make 44 movies over the next 12 years, so will need one to three for my crew to write the movies I can make here in Europe. So please send a PM, if you want to help writing.

I have been making movies since 2014, and was both in and crew on the Oscar winning movie "Helium" from 2014...

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Scripts By Claus Kongstedt

Når livet kører i ring
The metro line open in Copenhagen with 17 stops.
Short Family Produced 16pp
Tal ikke med fremmede
A very mad lady is sitting on a bench, when some black boys comes a long...
Short Family Produced 14pp
En blind fornøjelse
What happens when a blind man hears the voice of the woman of his dreams???
Short Romance Produced 6pp