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Claus Martin
Frankfurt am Main, Germany

I am an award winning writer and director, living in Germany, quite in the heart of Europe. Film, theatre and music are the triad of my life. My passion. My love. During the last 30 years, I have learned and done about everything in the performing arts sector. After starting off as an actor, I studied directing in Hamburg, Germany, specialising in opera and musical. While working as a director, I studied music composition, writing (and performing) six full scale musicals (text, music and lyrics).  In 2008 I changed my focus towards film: By collecting experience as an actor in short films, I learned a lot about the difference between film and theatre, along with studying the technical aspects. When I felt ready, I started directing short films, with growing success. My black comedy "Mission Accomplished" won 9 international awards and was in the official selection of 20 festivals. I am looking forward to continue this path, since cinema seems to me THE artform to combine the mixture of talents I was blessed with. And I am looking very much forward to meeting more of those fascinating, inspiring people who are as passionate about film as I am!