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Clint Williams

Clint Williams is a well-traveled former newspaper reporter and editor with stops at The Arizona Republic and The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. His magazine credits include Every Day With Rachael Ray and Field & Stream.

He spent a summer as a whitewater rafting guide. Everyone made it back alive.

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Scripts By Clint

Rough Water
A weekend canoe trip becomes a perilous game of hide-and-seek when a suburban dad and his young son stumble across a cartel-operated marijuana farm hidden in the wilderness of northern California.
Feature Action, Thriller For sale 95pp
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Freedom Fort
Two runaway slaves meet en route to a sanctuary that draws escaped slaves from across the South. But, before they can build new lives as free men, they must defend the settlement against invading troops.
Feature Action, History, War For sale 115pp
2 readers love this script
Deliver Us From Evil
A war-weary knight home from the Crusade is forced to fight again as he leads his comrades and a motley band of refugees in a battle for survival against an army of the undead.
Feature Horror For sale 100pp
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No Heroes Here
After forming an uneasy partnership with Russian mobsters to save his failing lakeside bar, a combat veteran declares war to save the people he loves when the Russians' business crosses the line into human trafficking.
Feature Action, Thriller For sale 99pp
After one of their own impulsively murders a Comanche boy, Spanish calvarymen find themselves deep in hostile territory without horses facing the dangers posed by vengeful warriors, nature and each other.
Feature Western For sale 101pp