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Clive Howard

I write professionally about technology and have been published in various leading online and print publications; spoken at conferences; and last year published my first book. However, I've always had a passion for film and a desire to write screenplays. Having now written a number of scripts - mainly sci-fi features - I am excited to get my work out there and engage with the wider community including other writers and industry professionals. I love the ethos of Script Revolution.

I have just added my first script - The Farmer - a sci-fi noir feature that I very much hope to get some feedback on. Writing is a solitary business and I greatly appreciate other peoples thoughts on my work - always makes the work better.


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Scripts By Clive

The Farmer
A simple farmer on a depraved world, whose family is brutally murdered by privileged travellers from another planet, does a murderous deal with a vicious city kingpin to avenge their death.
Feature Sci-Fi For sale 110pp
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