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Cody S. Brennan

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Cody S. Brennan
Boston, United States

Cody wrote his first script when he was eight years old and made his first short film when he was eleven. Of course that first script was a Halloween fan script that blatently stole scenes from Halloween 4, and that first short film was a Blair Witch rip-off made in his back yard with his cousins. In short, he had nowhere to go but up from there.

Now twenty-five, he has kept writing all throughout his life, from prose to poetry to screenplays. In a new city, with a renewed sense of vigor he finally feels ready to unleash his creations onto the world!


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Scripts By Cody S.

Is This Your Card?
A Man, haunted by a past birthday, is brought to face it again!
Short Horror For sale 7pp
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Two late night security guards find something amiss in the parking garage of their luxury apartment building.
Short Horror For sale 9pp