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Craig Anthony
London, United Kingdom

Through his love of film and TV and its potential to inspire change, London based writer has been honing his creative writing skills since he can remember. Craig has blended his writing skills with his own experiences to give a more genuine and up to date realistic feel to the narrative. 

A former soldier with over two decades of specialist experience working as a hostile environments security risk consultant. An avid art collector, with one novel published and many more projects forecasted.

With on film-set experience working as a technical advisor. 

Craig's evolution into screenwriting allowed him to introduce another element to his range of talents even further. Employing his experience to tell stories, which explore the depths of human behaviour in demanding situations. 

Thank you for stopping by.

Investor, collaborations welcome.

Stay frosty.

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Scripts By Craig

The Dark Arts
A former counterintelligence operator turned artist must take down an art-dealer terrorist and avenge the death of his sister.
Feature Crime, Thriller For sale 106pp