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Craig Parsons
Lynnwood, United States

Unpublished screenwriter hailing from Seattle, Washington. I've written three available screenplays THE GARDENER, SERI'S JUNGLE, and JOURNEY TO JENFLU.

I've also written ACCIDENTAL LANDLORD a sitcom pilot about a hot dog slinger that inherits a windfall.

I am the creator of several board games, two of which have made it to market.

I prefer the light in contrast to the dark, so I tend to enjoy comedies more than horror pictures.

I believe that anything work pursuing is worth pursuing with a passion.

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Scripts By Craig

Journey To Jenflu
Five children rise up to the challenge of reversing a devious spell which is wreaking havoc in their magical homeland.
Feature Adventure, Fantasy For sale 120pp
2 readers love this script
Mayor of Manor Market
A cubicle-dweller purchases a rundown strip mall as an investment and ends up with four unwanted roommates.
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 36pp
Accidental Landlord
A pair of strangers struggle to keep their inheritance after a crazy cat lady rams her car into a restaurant.
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 37pp