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Cumberlain Rattlesnake
Los Angeles, United States


I directed and won my first filmmaking award way back in 1980. It was my first film and it was my baby. I entitled it “Feedback!” and it took second place. The guy that took first-place had some talking parts and a beautiful blonde with big … teeth.  Of course, he beat me out.

My FEEDBACK! movie featured digital feedback fed into a camera and re-fed into an old 1950’s T.V. which was re-fed into the video camera; the Video-feed was then re-routed into the audio; the result was a funky buzz which matched the pattern on the screen; this resulting buzz was then down-potted and mixed with the audio. This sound was ELECTRIC! The visual effects were stunning and I found that I could control all this feedback manually. So, I synchronized it to music, and SHAMBANGO!  I had one hell of a music video. This was WAY BEFORE MTV!

Some dirty somebitch liked my work so much, that he stole the video tape from the contest. Who knows, this may be the reason I only got second place. After my PLACE finish, I went to school, made some babies, went to more school, aged and became a NATURAL-BLONDE and worked at several important corporations, including MY TIME IN H.E.DOUBLE-TOOTHPICKS at a Fox-owned company.

I Project-Managed T.V. works in China, Japan, U.K. and France via telephone. Bosses were always happy with production times, costs and delivery. I found pretty much that the bosses all wanted the same thing: One year: Charlie’s Angels (or similar); Next year: every pitch had to be “A-Team!” (or something like it!); Year after: repeat some other cycle, ad nauseam.

I own outright several minor GRAPHIC NOVELS and COMIC-BOOKs

After some years, I took a buyout and then I bounced for a while. I visited Europe, Asia, Japan, U.K., Iceland, Norway, blah, blah, blah. And, then I started writing my own works, again. I did some small Euro writing gigs, too.

I believe that when you read my works, you are gunna be blown away with unique ideas which are filmable, perhaps low-ish-cost.  Not the same old bullspit reworked story here.

I have never seen a PERFECT story, exception being Mark Twain and Jesus. So, I find feedback very useful, often. I ENJOY a good re-write. Enhancement comes with each re-write. Criticism does NOT scare me. 

My works are always registered via USPTO Copyright Office, which costs about $55 (and might cover a series of works); this gives the copyright holder the right to trial in U.S. Federal Court. I recommend USPTO registration!

Gat Finger t-shirts are available via tee spring GAT FINGER T-SHIRT If you order one, thank you very much in advance. If you care to follow Mr. Rattlesnake in detail, please follow this LINK to his GatFinger website.

Podcast MP3 Audiobooks are now up at and free, too! 

Drop me a note if you have an interest in Voice/Audio Acting/Production/Etc. ... I'm working on something. ;)

Finally, I hope you enjoy my new Gat-Finger look! I put an Easter-Egg into the web site ... maybe you like??? No?? ;)





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