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Curt Pennington
Detroit, United States

Occasional "honorable mention" or "runner-up" in film contests that you've never heard of.  Hoping to become an occasional "honorable mention" or "runner-up" in film contests that you HAVE heard of.

Primarily grounded in horror.  Vibing with New French Extremity and Splatterpunk.  I write things that are bleak, unpleasant, and probably cross a line somewhere.

2008 graduate of the Motion Picture Institute of Michigan.


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Scripts By Curt

The New Woman
A distraught wife deals with her husband's affair.
Short Horror, Thriller For sale 4pp
Love Story
A nervous young man works up the courage to approach his crush, but
Short Drama, Thriller For sale 3pp
Two strangers are forced into a game of Russian roulette with more than just their lives at stake.
Short Horror, Thriller For sale 7pp
A pair of young women must escape from a sadistic killer.
Short Horror Example of work only 27pp