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Curt Sell
Perris, United States

Curt Sell is a screenwriter, director, and producer with nearly two decades of entertainment experience.   His screenwriting repertoire includes content for film, television, and online.  Curt Sell is also a happy husband and father.  He holds an honors degree from UC Berkeley and a Master's from Chapman University.

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Scripts By Curt

The Scheme of Things
When an emergency room doctor is unwittingly cast as the anti-Christ in a celestial war he must choose a side between rival gods before their competing angels of death claim the soul of humanity.
Feature Drama, Sci-Fi For sale 105pp
1 reader loves this script
The Triple Nickels
Opposing military segregation during WWII, a dapper and determined officer becomes the leader of a top-secret, all-black paratrooper platoon fighting forest fires caused by Japanese incendiary bombs in this inspiring true story.
Feature Action, Drama, War For sale 107pp
1 reader loves this script
Unwilling to compromise his code of honor, a world-weary assassin becomes the target when he refuses to kill a beloved neighborhood priest.
Feature Crime, Drama For sale 109pp
Sugar Rush, The Legend of Bunker Spreckels
In the 1970’s, Bunker Spreckels was a penniless young surfer in Hawaii until inheriting his family’s sugar fortune transforms him into a decadent playboy.
Feature Adventure, Biography, Drama For sale 137pp
A Smile From the Heart
In this harrowing true story, a child suffering from facial paralysis finds the courage to overcome taunting bullies, becoming a man bold enough to undergo experimental surgery.
Feature Biography, Drama For sale 101pp
Rebel Mountain
A wide-eyed farm boy leaps into adventure when he leads a daring raid against a vicious Confederate colonel’s army, secretly mining gold on a California mountain.
Feature Action, Adventure, Family, Western For sale 106pp
Cinema 4
A wayward adolescent, shunned by his selfish older-brother, searches for direction in life at the local cinema until the neighborhood lush becomes his unlikely father figure.
Feature Drama, Family For sale 117pp
Adult Content
An amateur porn actress becomes an industry sensation under the tutelage of two former porn stars eager to break into the big time boy’s club.
TV Pilot Drama For sale 60pp