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Désirée Nordlund

Award-winning writer with several short scripts produced, one with Dick Pope behind the camera. I am aware that though I think my script is outstanding, you may not, and I aim to please you, or there will be no film made. Though I provide the blueprint, it must be the blueprint for the film you want to make. If you like my style, but not my stories, don't hesitate to contact me to write the story you want to film.

This is the teaser for the latest short film on my resume: The Third Wish. It is a finalist in this festival.

I'm also into novels. Here is a book trailer for Quickfinger.

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Scripts By Désirée

Soul Hunter
A scientist finds proof of existence of the human soul, but also an unequal share of it in each person.
Feature Drama For sale 106pp
2 readers love this script
Escape Room Game
A programming teacher finds herself locked up in a real-life escape room game by a malicious student.
Short Drama, Mystery For sale 8pp
1 reader loves this script
What shines in darkness
An assassin finds out her best friend is a police detective on her way to arrest her.
Feature Drama For sale 92pp
The three witches from Macbeth meet a young man in a contemporary setting.
Short Comedy, Drama Available for Free 1pp
2 readers love this script
A man learns how to flirt from birds.
Short Comedy, Drama Available for Free 1pp
1 reader loves this script